About Health & Medical Tourism

Get to know better the Medical Cluster of The Global Health Destination.

As Juárez Mecical Tourism Cluster, we are the only official organization to promote Health and Medical Tourism in Juarez and the great state of Chihuahua.

All city chambers, colleges and boards from all the branches of medicine, hotel & motel association, certified hospitals, pharmacies, insurance brokers, insurance companies and other health care providers joined together to provide coordinated high-quality care service with 3 basics principales:.

  • Human Dignity
  • Common Good
  • Affordable Cost

History of Medical Tourism In Juarez Mexico.

Ciudad Juarez and the USA have been doing Medical Tourism for the last 100 years. Medical Tourism which combines high-quality, reliable healthcare with travel to a foreign country which, in the process patients are not only getting the procedures they need at a lower cost, but are also learning about the culture of a foreign country and no other city with the perfect location like Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas. Mexico has more than a dozen destinations specialized in Medical Tourism, where touristic providers join medical care of the highest quality to meet the fields of oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery, and gastroenterology, plus the basic dental and optometrist visit, but there is no easier destination than Juarez. The international Joint Comission has accredited 7 hospitals in our country. In turn, the Federal Ministry of Health has provide certification for 105 hospitals, 98 of which are equivalent to international standards 2 of them are here in our city.

Everybody is welcome to the kindest city in the world, our Juarez

Francisco Moreno V.
Director of Health & Medical Tourism Francisco Moreno Villafuerte